SOAVET Consortium Introduces Poultry e-Consultancy

SOAVET in her mission to provide comprehensive consultation for the poultry industry, deem it fit to use an electronic platform to meet the burdened need for poultry consultation especially in this period of pandemic. We believe in creating a long-term relationship with the poultry farmers, so that the delivery of intervention becomes an easy effort, provoking experience that engenders action.

SOAVET is pioneering an e-poultry consultant platform for farmers to take advantage of experienced poultry consultant at the covers of their offices and at a convenience through their mobile phones.

The CEO of the initiative, Dr Stephen Adejoro, a professional expert and the founder of Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa will lead a team of experts to review your farm challenges from the upstream to the farm gate level on all aspects of poultry production and value chains to support farmers’ project hence, enhancing their corporate objectives.

SOAVET Consortium offers e-consultancy distant monitoring through a B2B Whatsapp, email and cloud conversation for regular discussion, monitoring and sharing of data.

Subscribed farmers can have access to discuss farm challenges with SOAVET Consortium from any location in South Sahara Africa.

To enjoy the premium services, you will be committed to a quarterly payment as this innovation forms the first e-poultry consultancy of its kind in Nigeria.

To subscribe to our services, kindly reach us via: +2348038343124 or

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