Discussion on Post Covid-19 Mitigation Strategies for Livestock Business Reopening and Operations

The COVID-19 outbreak has no doubt wreaked havoc on a number of livestock businesses in Nigeria and sub – Sahara Africa. In Nigeria, the outbreak initiated total lock down in some states while partial curfew were put imposed in some. Although there have been considerations and movement for farmers’ products, it is evident that livestock farming not will operate as it were for sometimes to come.

Sequel to this, we members of the Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) held series of meetings to discuss mitigation strategies for the post COVID-19 pandemic, we agreed on modalities for livestock businesses and consultancy in Nigeria. Our outcome and strategic implement action will follow soon.

Do you have any ideas to fight the Covid-19 pandemic? Contact LIFA today to discuss policy, awareness and implementation strategies for your idea. LIFA is passionate about the livestock industry, we are committed to helping it grow for a sustainable foods security.

2 Comments on “Discussion on Post Covid-19 Mitigation Strategies for Livestock Business Reopening and Operations”

  1. We at LIFA should work more at seeing that farms are managed efficiently by doing the right things at right the appropriate time Farmers should not sell their products below cost price .We at LIFA should help them in marketing their products

    1. Thank you chief, as you rightly suggest LIFA has engaged her time in advocating an increase in consumers Consumption of egg
      We believe that with greater increase in domestic egg consumption ,egg demand will increase in Nigeria
      Nigeria presently consume 65eggs per head per annum which translate to 12.5 billions of eggs per annum based on our 200million population
      This number is just 50%of the national output leaving the remaining 50%at the mercy of illegal exportation to neighbouring Ecowas that is now dangerous to navigate ,(courtesy of Boko Haram)
      Our NGO is working to publicise the health strength of egg immunoglobulin that can be eaten in egg to complement people whose Immunity are been compromised by secondary health challanges
      LIFA believes that many local egg recipes can be created from our indeginous food like egg fortified Amala,fooofu,Moioim and many other locally blended egg menu
      Covid-19 now give opportunity to modify our menu and make it more balanced to suit immune compromise individuals, so as to stay very well a live to combact I’ll health,but more so to expand egg demand and indirectly help to market farmers egg
      We think this initiative is worthy of support even by the poultry farmers themselves
      Don’t leave LIFA alone to preach this advocacy but come with your advise and donations
      Chief Ayandokun thank you for this contribution

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