The Netherlands and the Nigerian Poultry Stakeholders Map out Opportunities for Bilateral Collaboration

The President, Dr Stephen Adejoro and the Director of Administration, Mrs Adefunke Adejoro on 14th February, 2020 represented Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) at a Netherlands’ structured-Agribusiness Council’s interactive discourse. The discourse which was organized for Nigeria by the Netherlands Agribusiness Council, headed by Mackenzie Masaki with support of the Premier Agribusiness ACADEMY, headed by her Director General- Francis Toromade was to present her initial findings of the Nigerian Poultry Industry Study, scan for possible collaborations between Nigerian Government and the Government of the Kingdom of Netherlands (G2G) and opportunities between Poultry Business Stakeholders in Netherlands and stakeholders in Nigeria (B2B).

The aim of the Nigerian poultry study was to; Analyze the Nigerian poultry subsector; Identify ways to strengthen the local private sector with Dutch knowledge, technology and expertise; Identify potential market opportunities for Dutch businesses; and Map opportunities for bilateral collaboration between the Dutch and Nigerian governments.

LIFA spoke’s person; Dr Stephen Adejoro emphasized the need to appreciate the roles of livestock NGO in Nigeria as suitable advocacy links with Netherlands Livestock NGO so as to support capacity development of Nigeria Poultry farmers and drive advocacy on the mitigation of climate change vulnerabilities as well as in other areas of policy hindrances to poultry production growth and market development in Nigeria.

LIFA President referred to the critical issues of recent glut and occasional bearishness of the poultry product market and suggested that the Nigerian egg consumer’s taste need to be broadened with the creation of new egg recipes that will appeal to a larger segment of consumers, thereby stimulating poultry product internal consumption. Dr Adejoro postulated that the traditional egg recipe Monopoly of hard shell cooking and egg frying needs to be well broadened. 

The organizer further grouped the participants into three syndicate sessions to deliberate on a three problem statement that will need a G2G or a B2B collaboration and intervention by the kingdom of the Netherlands. The setting was rounded up with a group photograph and a sumptuous continental lunch.

Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa looks forward to feedback on the Netherlands’ decision of the outcome of these deliberations.

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