The effects of climate change in the poultry industry have manifested in various ways such as extreme drought, flooding, irregular rainfall, extreme heat and heat stress. The implications are vehement on general poultry productivity with an increased incidence of diseases, mortalities and loss of assets.

Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa is aware of these adverse effects and its implication on the poultry industry. We deem it fit to discuss the effects, implications and possible solutions to the lingering effect of climate change.

We therefore welcome contributions in the form of articles, picture stories, cartoons, research and other publications that address the effects of climate change and possible solutions to these problems.

The poultry industry is at stake! We encourage collective collaborations to ensure that we stay afloat of the climate change effects and its implications in the poultry industry. Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa welcomes your support and collaborations to further address this issue.

Our last first edition attracted a lot of views and positive feedback. We therefore welcome advert placement that targets activities in the livestock industry in this edition. This is another way to scale up your business and help develop the livestock industry; by informing professionals and stakeholders about your business and the activities that operates therein. Advert placement is available for just a token.

Deadline for contribution and advert placement is 14th February, 2020. Contact LIFA through for contributions and advert placement.

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