It was a homely visit today when the chairman of the Association of  Private Veterinary Medical Association of Oyo state; Dr Olaomo, led his executive team on a veterinary private family visit to the home of Dr & Mrs Adejoro at Isebo, Alakia, Ibadan.

The visit, which was like children visiting their parents; in this case, likened to Dr Adejoro’s children in the Private Veterinary Medical Practice, and they felt so homely and deep in the family discussion enumerating prospective improvement in the practice of the noble profession.

Dr Adejoro in his energetic passion to always encourage younger veterinarians seized the opportunity to share a little of his personal experience in the practice and how he rose to his present state of an independent international veterinary consultant in Nigeria. He explained the importance of data keeping and how it formed a big part of his story today. He also shared his activities on cattle fattening programs which he started in his backyard and in the long run attracted the Commissioner for Agriculture: Late Adegoke for possible adoption in Oke-Ogun, Oyo state. The profit realized from the backyard cattle program helped him to train his children and today, the activities of the program is documented, published by lambert publication, Germany and widely sold today on amazon.

In the chairman’s speech, he appreciated the long-standing roles of Dr Adejoro in the developmental phases of private veterinary practices in Oyo State and stated that their visit was to encourage him to do more while documenting his experience for posterity.

He similarly stated that the visit was also to congratulate Mrs Adejoro on a successful burial of her father that took place on  5th, 6th, and 8th of November, 2019 as though it was necessary to also honour their father of private veterinary practice personally at home.

Dr Olaomo also foresees the possibilities of honouring the older Veterinarians in practice by showcasing them in some “series” so as to enable them to share their contributions and experiences in the profession and the livestock industry at large. The vice president in the person of Dr Olatundun presented a kind gift of appreciation to Dr Adejoro in the spirit of the yuletide.

Dr Stephen Adejoro in his response expressed deep appreciation for this honour, being the first he ever received from the association of which he was the founding President over three decades ago. He was encouraged by the visit and promised to do more, not only in Nigeria but to extend his activities to other African countries through the activities of his pet NGO; Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa. Dr Stephen Adejoro with his dearest wife on behalf his family appreciate the executives for their kind gift, he prayed that the Almighty God will multiply the association in multiple folds.

“I Dr Stephen Adejoro have not taken this honour for granted, but with a unique privilege from this humble profession that I love so much from my spirit. I pray that we shall live long to share this kind of loving fellowship and testimonials. Long live Nigeria Veterinary Medical association! Long live the Association of Private Veterinary Medical practitioners of Nigeria, Oyo State! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria! As we are most honoured by this courtesy visit today

The team was invited for a lunch with varieties of meal to express sincere gratitude from the family on the courtesy visit. A group photograph was then taken after the sumptuous meal.

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