Livestock Industry foundation for Africa (LIFA) on 28th February, 2020 enjoyed the courtesy visit of the Counselor for Agricultural Affairs of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at her office in Ibadan. The consulate in person of Dr Gerald Smith together with Mr Uche Nzeka; an Agricultural Marketing Specialist of the USDA visited Dr. Adejoro and his work team.

Dr. Adejoro introduced his staff and expatiated on the activities of LIFA in the past years. The activities which had included mitigation of Mycotoxins and climate change, challenges of Gumboro disease, cattle fattening/integrated poultry programme, farmers’ empowerment through training and workshop.

The Counsellor defined Nigeria as one of its priority areas of interest to which there is need to understand the livestock sector. He highlighted the opportunities for which Nigeria needs to help rural farmers in the poultry sector, promote technical assistance which supports Researchers, Public and private sectors, Industries, NGOS and other institutions; exposing them to livestock development. The Department in her capacity also grant modules for ensuring sustainability . They looks into annual reports on feeds and grains with the evaluation on how it has developed over the years. The Department also meet with stakeholders so as to increase her knowledge on the country’s agricultural capacity.

LIFA and USDA also dissected the challenges and interventions aimed towards alleviating egg glut,  improve agricultural  value chains (soya, egg recipe, grains) feed formulation, school feeding programme, Nigerian agricultural reformation policy, grain exportation and importation and some selected farms’ capacity for inclined production.

The USDA hope in the future to collaborate with LIFA in areas that are of common interest, therefore ensuring sustainability of livestock activities in Nigeria and Africa at large.


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    Please kindly share with your other students as the knowledge here will complement what you are taught in the institutions
    We just share innovative knowledge on how an experienced poultry farmers kin NIGERIA is managing the excruciating scarcity of maize with partial replacement of heat processed cassava grits.
    Kindly open our blog and share with students and poultry farmers in your region

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