Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) on the 18th November, 2021 held her first annual review / luncheon at Mahogany Hotel & Suites, Jericho, Ibadan. The programme was graced by many dignitaries/stakeholders in the poultry industry. In attendance were; Dr Stephen Adejoro (LIFA President), Chief Ogunnaike (Chairman Managing Director of Folhope Nig. Limited), Dr Dayo Adejuyigbe, Mr Joshua Olorungbemi (Zoetis Country Lead), Mrs Olorungbemi, Dr Faramade, Dr Joseph Isebor, Engr. Asenuga (Ogun State PAN Chairman), Chief Henry Akinbote, Mrs Adejoro, LIFA Team, Dr. (Mrs.) Lala, Dr Sunday Adegbaju, Mr Oyebade, Mr Tunde Akanbi, Dr Moses Arokoyo, Mr Arowolo and many others.

The programme started with an opening prayer followed by self-introduction of the attendees. Mrs Adejoro (LIFA Admin Director) addressed the guests on the purpose of the gathering following the welcome address from LIFA President. She explained that the major reason for the gathering is to review LIFA past events, so as to assess LIFA performance and welcome suggestions for improvement for future events. The NGO general secretary (Mr Lawal) presented a slide show illustrating the past activities of LIFA for the past three years. It’s on this note that Dr Stephen Adejoro gave his acknowledgement and appreciated several stakeholders that have supported LIFA in achieving some of her goals for the past few years. He gave a special appreciation to Zoetis Alpha Initiative team and Dr Moses Arokoyo for their support. Mr Arowolo (MC) encouraged the honorary guests present on the occasion to give comments, observations on LIFA achievements in the last few years.

Chief Ogunnaike commented that

Dr Stephen Adejoro, founder of Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa is an achiever and has contributed in all measures to poultry industry in general. He is gifted with wisdom, knowledge and understanding for three reasons; his God fearing, humble and contended. He concluded by praying for Dr Adejoro, and said: “In as much livestock industry exists, the name Dr Stephen Adejoro will continue to ring bell”.

Chief Henry Akinbote:

I believe that one of the reasons for gathering according to Mrs Adejoro is to review LIFA past events. I will love to move a motion to support LIFA to be able to do more. I pledge to carry out necessary assignments to make the support a success.

Dr Moses Arokoyo:

In 2017, myself and Dr Adejoro carried out an assignment in which Dr Adejoro did a fantastic job. It’s on record and what he produced as a result of the partnership is there and it’s only a question of time, this document will become something of global reference.

Mr Joshua Olorungbemi:

Collaboration of Alpha Initiative with LIFA wasn’t just a given, but LIFA earned it on merit. In the course of less than four years, we have had to collaborate with several other partners about trainings and at some point, because there was no alignment in objectives with some of these organizations and some of them had to drop but Alpha continued with LIFA till date and hopefully could do some more. In less than four years, on Alpha dash board in Nigeria an estimate of 6500 stakeholders had been trained within the livestock industry and almost 2000 of the trainees are through LIFA.

Dr Joseph Isebor

I am glad to be part of the success stories LIFA has made across Nigeria. I will suggest to LIFA to bring in the commercial aspect and the empowerment aspect to play a large role in what LIFA is doing to the industry. I would like LIFA to add other livestock to her programme because major focus has been on poultry. 

The programme was a remarkable one with several stakeholders’ present sharing their thoughts. A brief vote of thanks was given by Mr Muyiwa Oladiran. Everyone interacted quite well at the gathering and a group photograph was taken before departure.

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