US Soy Export Commission inaugurate a new chapter of US Soya import and trade with Nigeria. US Soya Association has a solid 100 years backup history with 60% of her Soya exported to foreign countries including Nigeria.

USA is the largest producer of Soya in the world with a national output of 108 million metric tons, followed distantly by Brazil with 86.8million metric tons, and then Argentina with an output of 86.8million metric tons.

Nigeria produces just 500 tons but has an industry capacity for 600,000 tons. There is an industrial short gap of 100,000 tons. In actual fact the national demand for Soya is in the region of 2.7 million tons. How do we partner with American Soya Association to meet this high national demand?

Contact LIFA to discuss ways of livestock improvement in Nigeria. We are available for collaborations and projects that can improve the livesstock industry

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