The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH) is a fully independent non-profit organization developing poultry veterinary courses in many countries in English, French and Spanish. WVEPAH training program aims at improving the practical skills of poultry veterinarians.

This course training kick start by 01 June – 29 October, 2021 which is an overview of important infectious and non-infectious diseases at different stages of the Egg layer’s production process. Participants will be trained to work up and solve common problems.

The course lays the foundation for more in-depth studies on specific subjects covered in follow up courses. The course will be held in English by a team of world class Course Masters. The participants will have access to;

1. Pre-recorded Courses  

  • Introduction to the World egg industry
  • Egg production systems
  • Egg quality and grading
  • Biosecurity in egg production
  • Integrated management of nuisances, pest control
  • Positive and negative aspects pf cage-free egg production systems
  • Artificial intelligence, robotics, information, etc. in poultry farms
  • Factors affecting the sustainability of egg production
  • Calcium and phosphorus metabolism in commercial layers
  • Layers nutrition principles for veterinarians
  • Management of feed consumption to improve body weight, egg size, survival rate and egg production
  • Viral respiratory diseases
  • Avian influenza
  • Immunosuppressive and neoplastic diseases
  • Poultry vaccines, viral, bacterial, recombinant vector vaccines
  • Design a pullet & layer vaccination programs adapted to the local situation and vaccination team.

The above outlines are few out of many pre-recorded courses available for the training program.

2. Zoom On-line live sessions with the Course Masters

General Considerations

  • To access the course notes and pre-recorded courses, the students must be registered and the course fees paid.
  • There will be blocks of 2hours with the Course Masters, 3 – 4 months after the availability of the course notes and the pre-recorded courses.
  • If a Course Master teaches several courses, an attempt will be made to group together the live portion of all his courses
  • There will be one exam at the end of each course. It will be in the form of an MCQ (Multiple choice questions) and the dates and terms will be defined at a later date.

The courses are open to all nationalities and not restricted to a geographical area. The course is in full support of the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health). The constant concern for the WVEPAH is to offer participants the best training at the best cost.

For course registration, click on: www.wvepah.net or forward a message to info@wvepah.org for more information


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