Dr Stephen Adejoro on 2018 World Egg Day Celebration

Dr Stephen Adejoro, President and Founder of Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA), hereby congratulates the Poultry Association of Nigeria and all Poultry egg business stakeholders on the year 2018 World Egg Day Celebration.
We believe in working to improve skill gaps in poultry production and in rendering advocacy support to persuade the Government in creating solutions to policy challenges and fiscal limitations to poultry operations in Nigeria.
LIFA believes that poultry experiences and innovative scientific findings must be capitalized and kept safe for easy access to all poultry farmers, Students and potential investors through our secured web page; www.lifango.org


Our activity, primarily, is in the area of mycotoxin challenges which poses a major risk for vaccination failures and we help to mitigate these challenges through innovative technology and awareness creation. We believe that government should lift the ban on avian influenza vaccination, especially if she could not guarantee prompt compensation for farmers that are victims of such epizootics. LIFA believes that AI vaccination must be regulated and government must approve appropriate vaccine for importation in Nigeria.

Lastly, we advocate for sustainable livelihoods for all livestock farmers neither to not attended to during disasters when flood or draught equally wipes off their livestock.
We believe that NEMA should incorporate a section to mitigate livestock disasters under Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standard (LEGS) as it is done in Ethiopia, Kenya and Senegal.

We stand for the sustainability of poultry food security in Africa and we are working for every poultry and livestock farmer in Africa.
We work to grow the industry through our trainings, education, advocacy and project restart which might not be the core motives of individual farmers. These we do to help livestock farmers grow their businesses and make more profits.

Soon, LIFA in collaboration with Alpha initiative (funded by Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation) will bring series of training across the six agro ecological regions of Nigeria.
It is our concern to support your business and to let you have direct access to our capitalized knowledge. Do follow us on http://blog.lifango.org.
Happy World Egg Day Celebration.

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