On World Egg Day: Egg, Animal food Protein source that save lives.

“Eggs have the potential to save lives but they must reach those who needs them”

“Give me one, I need one too!”  Those were the appealing words of request by numerous rural dwellers of Iwo Road Community, Egbeda Local Government. The taste of egg seems unique and the popular poultry produce seems to be satisfying.

Egg is not just nutritious, but also contains numerous essential amino acid, vitamins, essential fats, and high quality protein. Egg has been known to play important role in disease prevention such as cataracts. Its retinoid and carotenoids properties embedded in vitamin A allows for good eyes vision. Egg also play role in the prevention and control of metabolic disorders. In fact, there is no doubt concerning the value and role egg plays in human diet both young and aged.

Eggs have the potential to save lives but they must reach those who needs them, this statement is credited to International Egg Foundation (IEF). There is a scarcity for animal food protein either due to inadequate production or high price tags. A unique substitute for animal protein source such as meat and fish has remained egg as it is cheap and easy to produce.

Despite its availability, egg does not reach those who need them. If lives must be saved from hunger and malnutrition, community with poor access to fish and meat must be reached with a substitute of egg as it has a potential to save lives.

Nigerian Government is keen on introducing a school feeding program ‘An egg per child’ in her agenda for primary school pupils. The program is designed probably to fight malnutrition and improve health. The program will not only solve problems of malnutrition but hopefully will increase standards of living by creating jobs and ensuring that farmers earn more.

But instead, Nigeria recorded the highest egg glut earlier this year and this has made a lot of farms to shut down. The question is; could there have been a decrease in the rate of egg consumption despite introduction of such program or are there secrete routes by which eggs are been smuggled into the country to compete with the indigenous producer despite ban of importation of poultry products into the country?

It is expected that the Federal Government program record a high level of achievement without repulsiveness, after all great successes of the program has been acclaimed and reported in some states of the country especially in the South-West.  Should we then say the program has been hijacked by some individual farmers? It will be too selfish of such individuals if a program designed for numerous farmers to benefit from are now been enjoyed by them. Well I leave that for the concerned citizens to investigate.

If egg must reach those who needs them and in turn save lives including lives of those who produces the eggs, we must then learn to promote value addition of table eggs to reduce gluts and share knowledge aimed at ensuring increased egg production. We must also ensure the enforcement of programs that favours quality egg production and even distribution.

Animal food security can be enhanced by investing in egg farming. The community that needs these eggs should have access even if it requires that they purchase the produce. Although the price should be considerably fair and affordable by them. This can be achieved if Government helps with certain policies that favour poultry production especially in the aspect of feed subsidy.

To further ensure animal food security, Government, private organization and individuals must collaborate with non-profit organizations that focus on improvement of animal food security such in the like of LIFA. Collaboration of such kind will ensure an increase in egg production and distribution; as egg production demands expertise, talents and access to right information.

Hopefully, there will be enough egg to eat and to celebrate with come next year world egg day. The rural populace awaits an abundant reach out with the poultry produce come next year as this year’s display of interest was quite fascinating and adorable.

Africa should Support the rural community because they need egg too.


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