Lecture on Mycotoxin at the Farmers and Hatchery Operator’s forum, Ogun State.

Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) has been very proactive in educating rural and peri-urban farmers about the Mycotoxin and it’s effects on livestock production in Africa.
On Tuesday 16th May 2017, we were at Ogun State to discuss with  farmers and hatchery operators about the role Mycotoxin play in the quality of their Day Old Chicks.The topic was “Day Old Chick Health Status and Early Mortalities: Consequence of Mycotoxin on Breeder Farms and Hatchery Management in West Africa: Case Studies from Nigeria.”

Dr. Stephen Adejoro who is the founder of LIFA was the speaker. The lecture was an eye opener, as many farms in the region are faced with the problem of mycotoxin.

We are still hopeful that collaboration with International Foundations will be of great benefit to our farmers in Africa. We are willing to make our resources available in order to ensure that livestock industry in Africa is sustained.

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