W.V.E.P.A.H (World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health), is a non-profit organization that provides high quality post-graduate programs for poultry professionals, in close collaboration with the University of Montreal, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH founded as OIE) and the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA).

WVEPAH programs are designed for practicing veterinarians. The programs cover various aspects of poultry diseases and production, as well as poultry welfare, biosecurity and vaccination.

These programs lead to the “Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production“, a diploma delivered by the University of Montreal with all regulatory aspects covered in these programs globally validated by WOAH (founded as OIE). This diploma makes its holders « de facto » internationally recognized experts.

The certificate program consists of:

A Module I course: “Key Disciplines of Poultry Health” including the regulatory aspects of WHOA and four Specialization Module II courses. These specialization modules cover all aspects of production and diseases of “broiler chickens and breeders”, “egg layers”, “turkeys” and “waterfowl”.

The program also requires the analysis of 25 clinical cases, or three short papers related to poultry veterinary topics if candidates do not have access to sufficient clinical cases.

Courses are given by internationally recognized Course Masters in their respective fields of animal health and production (https://www.wvepah.org/faculty/).

In 2023, courses will be delivered face-to-face and taught in English, French or Spanish. The course content is the same regardless of the language of instruction. Some of the courses planned are:

– Specialization Module II: Commercial Layers to be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 15th to 26th May (English). https://www.wvepah.org/courses/

Specialization Module II: Waterfowl ‘s health and production to be held in Toulouse, France from 18th to 29th September (English);

For the course schedule and program statistics, please visit our website www.wvepah.org or contact us at info@wvepah.org


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