The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH) certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production is awarded by the University of Luxemburg in compliance with the rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The online training course for 2021 courses is ongoing and will end by 29th
October, 2021. The training covers an overview of important infectious and non infectious diseases at different stages of the Egg layer’s production process.

The diploma promotes continuous life long professional education in the field. The recognition of the Certificate is Worldwide and its official denomination is in English.

The Certificate favours the establishment of specialized competences in poultry production, which maybe continued further by the Master in Animal Health and Poultry Production.


  1. To offer structured formal educational training to professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in the field of poultry welfare production and health
  2. To train participants to recognize, diagnose and manage all common problems encountered in poultry practice
  3. To enable participants to obtain competences to enforce the OIE RECOMMENDATIONS covered by the OIE Regulation Module and issued to Veterinarians under their national veterinary authority
  4. To train participants in problem solving skills
  5. To promote continuous life-long professional development

To register for 2021 online edition of the training courses, please complete
the online form by clicking on;

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