As the case of COVID-19 travels round the globe, a large part of the society and the economy has been disrupted. Poultry industry production chain has not been left untouched, either affecting workers, supply chain, impact on poultry demand, etc.

At the onset of the pandemic crises, demand of poultry products was reduced drastically, farmers are finding it difficult to get essential input such as feeds, DOC and vaccines. On the other hand, poultry products are difficult to sell then farmers turned to social media to market their eggs and chickens.

In the past few weeks, the COVID-19 cases have gradually been increasing. LIFA implore the poultry farmers not to panic but improve on their COVID-19 preventive measures. Farm COVID-19 hygiene measures must include along with existing farm sanitation for poultry health, the underlisted for prevention of COVID-19.

  1. Farm gate hand washing under running water with soap.
  1. Provision of hand sanitizer
  1. Sanitize as you enter the admin block and at all entrances of the blocks of living quarters
  1. Poultry farms should make hand washing and sanitizing compulsory at the farm privessing.
  1. Mouth and nose masks with compulsory hand gloves must be adopted for any one to work or enter a processing unit.
  1. Admin to screen visitors with infrared thermometer on entering the farm.
  1. Illegal entry through unauthorised routes are very risky at this period of COVID-19.
  1. Education on COVID-19 hygiene and good relationships with farm workers must be encouraged.
  1. Any staff showing a persistent headache, sneezing, dry cough and high fever should be isolated.

LIFA advocates the second surge of COVID-19. Protect your farm,  yourself and workers around the farm by knowing and taking appropriate measures.


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