Today, LIFA received distinguish AMO Farm Sieberer (AMO) representatives in her office for a crucial industry meeting. The meeting was necessary following invitation by LIFA to discuss issues pertaining the incessant adulteration of AMO’s indigenously bred chicken and to plan mitigation strategies that will address the adulteration of the indigenous dual purpose breed of chicken known as Noiler.

Noiler is a dual purpose chicken identified by LIFA as a prolific breed of chicken suitable for a mixed livestock portfolio which can be adopted by rural famers including women and youths so as to ensure sustainable source of income.  However, LIFA through her investigations found out that some unscrupulous farmers were breeding the Noiler chickens and selling them as genuine Noilers. The incessant breeding of Noilers will only produce inbred offsprings hence placing small-scale and rural farmers at the risk of rearing inbred-adulterated chicken which grows slowly and are highly susceptible to diseases.

Following this observations, LIFA deem it necessary to invite Amo representatives in persons of Mr Korede Afolabi and Mr Segun Popoola to discuss modules by which this adulteration can be addressed. LIFA is committed to creating awareness that will ensure increased propagation and acceptability of genuine indigenous dual purpose breed of chicken (Noiler) so as to ensure sustainable livestock food security in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Soon, we hope to come up with strategies that will promote this indigenous breed of chicken in Nigeria while also ensuring a sustained advocacy that will discourage adulteration of Noiler in Nigeria.

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