The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Ibadan, in collaboration with The Department of Veterinary and Pest Control Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oyo State, The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, Oyo State Branch and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control organized a two day Programme with the theme; “ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE IN HUMAN AND ANIMALS: A GLOBAL CONCERN” during The World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019.

A street walk and campaign awareness was organized on the first day and a symposium on the second day. The symposium featured several topics such as Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Food Safety and One health perspective, Antibiotics use in Livestock and Aquaculture and Antibiotic Regulatory control and Stewardship.

The Keynote speaker, Dr Stephen Adejoro who is the President and founder of Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa diligently traced the genesis of Antibiotics resistances as a consequence of a multi various negligence and the early absence of laboratory services to assist practitioners arrive at a definitive diagnosis.

Dr Adejoro also incriminated poor hygiene, climate change exigencies and unprofessional usage of antibiotics as major causes of antibiotics resistance. He advised against blind treatment and the regular usages of multivalent antibiotics at the expense of effective monovalent antibiotics. Dr Adejoro who drew conclusion from his earlier studies on the problem of bacteria resistances and his upcoming book on the factors affecting bacteria resistances, concluded that the choice for bacteria chemotherapy must be guided by good understanding of a disease epidemiology, accurate diagnosis backed up by competent laboratory and public health consideration to avoid antibiotics transfer to the consumers of animal food.

He commended the organizers of the programme led by Professor Victoria Adetunji and congratulated the faculty for forging partnership with the “TOWN” to improve knowledge on the judicious use of antibiotics by the public.

LIFA commended the cooption of students in many secondary schools from Ibadan who manifested good knowledge of the risk of bacteria resistances to public health. The students delivered intelligent presentation on this topic and equally performed drama that demonstrates the danger of antibiotics resistances and the benefit of professional judgment to many bacterial infection

Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa will be prepared to work and collaborate with institutions and organizations that work to improve Animal food security and human health in South Sahara Africa.

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