Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) had a good session during the courtesy visit of the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) at her office in Oluyole, Ibadan, Oyo State on the 27th August, 2021. The meeting started at around 9am.

In attendance were;

Dr Gerald Smith (Couselor for Agricultural Affairs Nigeria, Benin and Cameroun)

Mr Ebenezer Boluwade (Agricultural Specialist).

Dr Stephen Adejoro (LIFA President)

Mrs Adejoro (Director of Administration)

Mr Lawal (LIFA Research Analyst)

Miss Feranmi (LIFA Secretary)

Mr Lawal gave the introductory information about LIFA activities and her achievements so far. Dr. Adejoro welcomed the USDA members and gave statistical update of the poultry industry in Nigeria indicating the critical challenges facing the industry.

During the discussion, he reported that family sustainability in Nigeria poultry industry is a challenging issue and LIFA is doing all she could to keep encouraging farmers on the need to practise family succession in the business.

Dr Smith while responding reported that the US Soybean Export Council is working currently with IITA to develop a poultry curriculum in organizing poultry training. He indicated the establishment of training on feed formulation for small scale farmers in Nigeria scheduled to be organized by the council. He then emphasized on the need for the use of Soya to increase protein level in animal feed formulation.

Dr Smith informed LIFA team about government perspective on the current outbreak of Avian Influenza (AI) in Nigeria. Dr Adejoro replied that government policy on non-compensation to farms with more than 3000 birds while farms with less than 3000 birds should be compensated seems discriminatory. LIFA has been advocating for the past few years that government should allow ring vaccination in the affected areas.

The team exchange pleasantries and LIFA looks forward to collaborating more with USDA in areas common interest.


  1. I’m highly impressed about all these developments. I give you a BIG PAT on your back.

    I will attend the training for the feed formulation if I am back in Nigeria by then by God’s grace. Keep me notified please.

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