The President, Dr Stephen Adejoro on 19th May 2020, represented Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) at pensioner FM, Ibadan. Dr Stephen Adejoro was invited to speak on the topic “Should Aged People Eat Eggs?”

Dr Stephen Adejoro honoured the programme in the capacity of LIFA President and talked on the need for older generation to eat eggs and other reasons why they need to boost their immunity during this period of pandemic.

Dr Adejoro’s capacity has been well invested in creating awareness and advocacy for improved dietary action to combat and mitigate Coronavirus. These dietary approach of eating egg daily is being promoted by his NGO and as such eager to do more in ensuring that the nation fights back the pandemic through dietary approach of immune boosters.

You can watch the full video to learn more beyond the egg dietary approach. Click or copy the link afterwards

Collaborations can help promote similar advocacy, ensuring we live a protected life. Contact LIFA today to learn how you can impact the nation through mitigation of coronaviruses.

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