2019 World Egg Day Celebration in the North Central, Nigeria

LIFA was in North central of Nigeria few weeks ago. We were fascinated by the method used by a native woman in preparing a special egg delicacy for families and children. Indeed the rural households eat egg and it is very much required for a balanced nutrition.

The picture in this article was taken in a Northern community where integrated poultry activities take place. The farm has made it a social responsibility to serve free egg to children of the community so as to help them have access to a balanced nutrition. It complements school feeding of egg in the local government.

The programme has been on for over five years and thus deserves a recognition and commendation. The woman who once lived in Oke Igbo, Ondo state speaks Yoruba fluently and when interviewed, she revealed to have several other egg recipes in her portfolio. The egg in this recipe comes out cylindrically baked and it is ideal for family dish.

There is still hope for the country as this project will soon embark on how it can support individual household with local chickens, vaccinate their stock against Newcastle Diseases; thereby help improve health status of local scavengers as well as minimize lateral spread of virulent ND to their integrated project.

This indeed is a form of animal welfare and social intervention. Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa is very pleased to be associated with this kind of philanthropy. This is one of the reasons we will work more to document the strength of our traditional cuisine.

Contact LIFA for more innovative experience and initiatives. We are available for collaboration. This is 2019 World Egg Day, Happy Celebration!

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