LIFA is promoting Nigerian indigenous egg recipe on her platform. The promotion was important to help reduce the lingering perennial issue of egg glut in Nigeria. LIFA believes that more Nigerians can be invited into the egg eating consumers market by creating innovative egg recipe with native taste.

Farmers need to encourage egg consumers to be more creative using eggs in different recipe; we should not depend enormously on the egg processing industry to solve the problem of egg glut. Tasty recipes can attract more consumers in the eating of eggs as well as economic packaging of eggs.

We recently discovered that some of our local forgotten native egg recipes have been imbibed by expatriate using innovative machines and equipment in the processing of egg for different industrial and culinary use so as to be added to their diverse egg menu.

An egg recipe made by using bamboos as a tool, mixing  egg yolk and albumen into the bamboo and then heating continuously until the egg assume the shape of the bamboo. The cylindrically shaped, cooked egg can then be sliced by the villagers and served to taste. Today, machines and equipment that can shape egg in this format is now in the market.

The technology can even separate the yolk from the albumen and bake it into this tubular form or make the yolk to cover the albumen all in a tubular or cylindrical shape, with strong aroma and pleasant presentation.

LIFA is organizing a competition and seeking ten (10) innovative recipes that are indigenous to Nigeria. These innovative recipes will be published on her blog. The competition will attract a gift prize of N2,500 (Two thousand five hundred Naira per successful participant).

Any submitted recipe must not be a copied from YouTube or from the internet, as it has to be unique. Participants should show step by step pictures of stages of preparation and final products.

The competition is currently on-going on our Whatsapp forum. To join and submit a recipe, DM 08060861364. Successful and selected persons will be awarded, shared with other contacts and published in our upcoming e-magazine. This call for recipe closes on the 14th July, 2019.

Watch out for our Egg Recipe Challenge that will attract a bigger price. The egg recipe will ensure more eggs are consumed solving the problem of perennial egg glut.

LIFA is available for collaboration and or partnership that will help improve the livestock industry.

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