The topic “Problems of Poultry Farm Succession from One Generation to Another” was first posted on Whatsapp social media. The topic generated a lot of responses and we felt committed to receive more responses from other poultry farmers and at the same time share knowledge from contributors with others. In this regard, we are publishing the topic on our blog with few responses from contributors.

Why do poultry investors or entrepreneur in Nigeria and Africa fail in family succession?
Who have succeeded the once thriving poultry farms in Nigeria and Africa?
What exactly is the problem of poultry Industry sustainability in Nigeria and Africa?

We always say that the poultry business is a lucrative and profitable business, but why does it fail with the investors or before the demise of the investors? The current poultry investors in Nigeria are the 3rd generation investors, yet very educated but how many of them inherited this business from parents? How many are sure to transfer the investment to their offspring? Where are the once thriving first Grand Parent Stock and Parent Stock Farms in Nigeria?

This is a problem for the industry and not peculiar to individual farms or already failed farms. This is a challenge to us all in the Industry. It is a challenge that must not be allowed to continue. We must save the farms that are in the margin of failing and also stimulate the interest of the present generation so that they can have a breakthrough by making sure that someone succeeds them in the poultry industry.

We felt concerned in Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) and with the support of Melinda and Bill Gates through the Zoetis/Alpha initiative, we will include this challenge as one of our topics to be discussed in our 2019 regional knowledge sharing on social, technical and climate change challenges of poultry production in Nigeria.


“This has been my worry for some years now.” Anonymous

“Uhmmmmmmm thought provoking point sir.” Anonymous


Responses continued!

“We don’t need to mention the names of moribund or failed in succession poultry or livestock investors or entrepreneurs. Rather let’s just use your above caption. Many of the failed poultry business had already collapsed before the demise of their founder.

We have so many factors leading to failure in business during the live time of the founder or when the founder is aged or after their departure. This includes;

  • Livestock/Poultry psychology which does not respect or recognize any professional,
  • Lack of enabling environment for livestock businesses to strive/survive.
  • Lack of ownership interest leading to inefficiency and manipulation.
  • Lack of cooperation and trust among siblings within the children and families of the departed owner of the business.
  • Greediness and selfishness.
  • Mismanagement, misplace of priority.
  • Acquisition of asset that turn in to liability.
  • Huge overhead.
  • Workers/staffs unpatriotic attitude.
  • Exploitation, extortion.
  • Inner contract, inflation of contract.
  • Wrong marketing procedure.
  • Legalized stealing referred to as (staff price)
  • Staffs/workers inner trading.
  • Over staffing.

These are just few summaries of hindrances for livestock/poultry/ business continuity before and after the departure of the businesses.

The entire listed if analyzed one after the other, would make a book. It has to do with Nigerian factor and orientation.

Good morning Doctor.”

More Responses!

“Sir, I think poor recording on the farm also contributes to this quagmire, many big farms do not have proper record to monitor their production, there are some management practices that are also detrimental to the production system like selling of cracks and mortalities to staff or even making them as outright gift to members of staff is inimical to the growth of the farm. I think farm owners can encourage the wards to buy shares on the farm or allocate shares to them to encourage such fellow to pick interest in poultry farming.

The industry also needs to be monitored especially on quality assurance on DOC, feed and drugs. Poor quality “seeds will affect the entire production line which may eventually discourage the younger generation into venturing to that kind of business.” Abiola Olusoji.


“Excellent! Thank you for going this lane. I think the challenge is simple. Poultry entrepreneurs see it as an escape route to poverty and not as a business in itself. If we all realize we are building a business, we will have a vision that is trans-generational, build systems and structures that will outlive us and have others succeed us. And then since most are majorly

one man or family business, we also need to look at managing and growing family businesses and trans-generational wealth.  I definitely will love to discuss this more.” Anonymous


“Good morning Doc
The reasons why children of poultry farmers run away from continuity in business…..
1..They saw the stress and struggle their parents went through over time in the business…..too much uncertainty in the business, regular reoccurring glot in sales of egg with attending losses, unpredictable and highly fluctuating price of ingredients cum scarcity, outbreak of diseases etc.All these cumulated Scarry challenges  make the children to be discouraged in continuity.
2…The non involvement of the children in the business when they are young. Most Farmers children are left at home and they will just be hearing discussions of the parents about the problem at the farm. Parents hardly discuss success and the attending profits
3.. most successful Farmers sent their children abroad to read medicine and engineering courses and when they finished they will want to practice their profession leaving their parents at the farm thus no interest and continuity.
Reason are so many
I can present a paper on it with workable solutions
Greetings sir
We are proud of your contribution to the the industry.”
Dr Okunade

Copied from another platform

Compilation of responses from PANOG Ijebu Zone Whatsapp Group

Ayo Oshokoya , Masflor Farms wrote;


“Good morning house, just a token of contribution in here. I don’t think there could be solution because this problem also surface in other professions. Note agriculture needs:

  • Passion to keep going. So at times, the followers might not possess the founders passion.
  • Risk level: while the parents were running the business the risk they passed through might have scared or peace-off the offspring.
  • Economy: it’s not where the economy was then that it is now. So the profit margin too compared to the days of their father isn’t what we are getting now ….and so on and on

Less I forget, every business needs “Trust” but I think agriculture especially livestock need more trust from workers and personnel because most of our parameters are on Range, No fixed answer.

Nevertheless we youth of this days needs time,

  1. To associate
  2. To learn more
  3. To recreate and so on which this our industry hardly give because of trust issues and good personnel.”


Had’j Femi Gafar, Gafo Integrated Farms wrote;


“Most facilities used by the first generation would have become old and obsolete before the second generation takes over. So when the younger generation takes over it will be as if he’s starting from the beginning.


Personal liking for the business: The younger generation may not like the business and it looks like he is been forced.


Attention to details as the business is largely composed of details. Generally younger people are easily distracted unlike the old people who are more committed to it because it’s their hard earned money.


Ability to create your own system for the work, not to be tossed about by the old system. It’s always difficult for any young person to take over a farm and decide to change the rules or ways in which things are done, even if it’s obvious that the way they are doing business is wrong.


Ability to deploy common sense to take quick & correct decisions when necessary to avert disaster, Energy and Promptness. Yoruba has a saying ‘ ti omode ba ge igi ninu igbo, agba lo mo ibi to ma wo si’. What if there is no Agba around to tell him where it will fall? It might lead to failure.


Ability to concentrate time and attention on the work to ensure that no detail is neglected.”

Think about this problem. If you are interested in discussing and offering solution, kindly send your abstract or contribution to or contact Dr Stephen Adejoro through We welcome contributions from other African countries.

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Together we must develop and make our poultry Industry in Africa sustainable.



  1. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful topic up here.

    The main problem is from the parent who didn’t encouraged their children from having interest in farming. Most parents makes money from Agric, used the money to send their children to study in Nigeria or abroad. Parents sees farming as a dirty job and won’t allow their children to be involved in such dirty job.
    Developed the children interest in farming. When they’re on holiday, they should be involved in all section of the Enterprise including packing of manure, feeding, cleaning, marketing e.t.c. They could be allowed to raise some birds for Christmas and the profit shared among the children.

    Issue of polygamous family also have negative effects on continuity of the farm. Each wife and her children will be in unhealthy competition. This will lead to the collapse of the Enterprise.

    Lack of management experience of the children also have effects on the continuity of the Enterprise. Parents should allow them to manage and report back to parents section of the Enterprise given to them. Delegate duties and monitor them. They will make mistake and learn in the process

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