Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) was present at the expo so as to equip the organization with new ideas and solutions available to the livestock industry in order to develop the sector.
Agra innovate west Africa is an annual expo for all agricultural stakeholders and it is the absolute meeting point for the agricultural sector as this accounts for the fourth annual expo offering wide range of agricultural products and services including free training sessions.
This year’s expo took place at the landmark Centre Lagos on the 21st – 22nd November, 2017. The expo recorded over 40 local and international exhibitors offering a wide range of services and products related to the agricultural industry. The expo is a credible networking platform for exhibitors and delegates to achieve their strategic organizational goals in relation to building sustainable agribusiness partnerships across specific agricultural value chains in the sector. It serves as a platform for delegates to meet, interact and grow their business thereby enhancing farming in the nation.
The expo seminars were designed in line with the tradition of building a resources hub coalesced on developing the standard of agricultural value chain activities, to generate optimal revenue and growth opportunities for the value chain actors.
The theme of the expo was “Optimizing the Potentials of Agricultural Value Chains and Infrastructure, to Strengthen Food Security, Export Capacity and Cross Border Trade in West Africa”. The expo brought together a pool of not less than 60 Agribusiness veterans, young innovative agricultural value chain development experts, with diversity in gender, nationality and academic discipline.
Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa (LIFA) was present at the expo so as to equip the organization with new ideas and solutions available to the livestock industry in order to develop the sector.
The seminar agenda had series of topics in discuss, some were delivered as lectures while others were in depth discussions and moderated by intelligent and informed personnel. The seminar focused on different topics like access to finance, agricultural policy, sustainable production and revitalization, insurance, regulatory agency in cross border trade, food security, marketing, youths and women entrepreneurship development and lots more.
LIFA participated in some key seminars that are more focused on food security, livestock production and rural development. Some of the seminar tracks attended by LIFA are;
• Opportunities in poultry industry and the potential impacts on the national GDP
• The role of insurance in promoting innovation in the agricultural industry.
• The role of regulatory agencies in ensuring zero rejects of Agric produce in cross border trade.
• Innovative e-marketing technology for agricultural value chains development
• Opportunity in dairy and aquaculture value chains in addressing challenges of food security in Nigeria.

LIFA met with important dignitaries, exhibitors and delegates amongst which are Federal Government delegates; Mrs Akanni Heather- The technical advicer to the Hon. Minister of Agriculture FMARD (Quality Control and Standards), Mrs Stella Denloye – County officer, FMARD and Dr. Kayode Oyeleye- Technical advicer to the Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Nigeria. These delegates gave audience to LIFA as brief discussions were made on how to collaborate with their respective office and portfolio in order to develop the industry.
The expo was prolific as farmers and other professionals in the agricultural sector got to know about new advancements and recently added policies. The Agra Innovate West Africa Expo provided an excellent platform and serene environment for manufacturers, exporters, marketers, service providers and other professionals to interact with the farmers so as to discuss business. The farmers were offered various economical aids which are easy to access and assurance of extreme quality and quantity productivity.

Some of the facilities availed at the expo includes but not limited to Storage facilities, processing facilities, laboratory equipments to include Measuring Machines and weighing Equipments, Research analytic tools, heavy duty machines and tractors. Financial Institutions, insurance and cooperative banks, federal and state Government officials and representatives were also in attendance.
The attendees met the manufacturers and marketers of the machineries and equipments required in Horticulture, Farming, livestock feeds, agro-chemicals, feed mills plants, Poultry hatchery, Fumigation, Irrigation, Greenhouse, Organic Cultivation, food processing technology, post-harvest operations, plant breeding and culture, Storage facilities, Soil Testing.
The 2017 Agra Innovate West Africa Expo was indeed a high-profile event and a platform for agricultural stakeholders to grow their business and achieve a sustainable development through optimization of agricultural value chain potentials.

LIFA hopes to attend similar expos so as to acquire knowledge and establish a desired need in the livestock industry. We are available for collaboration and rural development aimed at Advocacy, Education, Investigation, Information and Project restart.

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