Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa in the quest to improve the livestock industry attends shows, exhibition and conventions so as to learn tools, methods and means of effective collaboration available for livestock improvement.
The annual Nigeria Poultry show of the Poultry Association of Nigeria was held on Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th November, 2017 in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The theme of the show was “EFFICIENCY IN PRODUCTION AS A TOOL TO SURVIVE A RECESSION IN THE POULTRY INDUSTRY.” The programme which featured lots of farmers, international dignitaries, founders and CEO of leading farms including Government officials and independent consultants.
The programme which took a grand style was also attended by the National President of the Association in person of Mr. Ezekiel Ibrahim Mam; who was newly elected into office a week before the event. The immediate past President Dr. Ayoola Oduntan was also in attendance.

Mr. Ezekiel Ibrahim who travelled all the way from Maiduguri expressed his profound happiness to attend the year’s show and seek for support of the stakeholders in order to ensure a successful running of the association.
The keynote speaker, Dr. Olatunde Agbato; a prominent farmer and Veterinarian spoke on the capacity of the Nigerian poultry Industry and pointed out focus area to ensure efficiency in production.
Some of the points raised are ventilation for poultry farms, molds management, waste management, farm building erection, water supply, birds spacing, vegetation management, bird’s health management, personnel education, market education and many other vital points.
Representative of the Governor of Ogun state also revealed areas the state has been effectively contributing to the development of Poultry sector and Agriculture at large. He noted key collaborators of schemes and provisions in place to enhance agriculture especially in the provision of agricultural equipment and implements. He also revealed plans to ensure effective youth empowerment and the arrangements of the state to procure an egg processing machine so as to embrace value addition and reduce wastages as a result of egg gluts.

Technical presentations on new products and methods to further increase efficiency of production were delivered by corporate farms with local and international representatives. Local and international Independent consultants were also featured.
The show witnessed a great exhibition of products and services effective for improvement and sustainability of the Nigerian poultry industry.

During the same week, The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) also held her annual National convention which span from Monday 6th to Tuesday 10th November 2017. Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa was also at the exhibition stand to witness the several products displayed and services useful to aid and improve the livestock Industry.

Livestock industry foundation is always fascinated by exhibitions and shows and always has representatives in such occasion to learn new tools, methods and ways of contributing and or collaborating so as to ensure improvement of the livestock industry.
We are available for collaboration for the purpose of Advocacy, Education, Investigation, Information and Project restart.

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